Photography is my passion… Allow me to capture your fondest memories with it…

Time is everything. It's what we have on this planet, and more than the things we have, it's about the people we meet and spend our days with. When couples call me to inquire about Blessed Images wedding photography, one of the first things I do is suggest a "coffee shop" meeting...

We meet, laugh, and I get to hear their stories. We invest time in one another, because on one of the most important days of their lives, I want to make sure that couples are spending time with someone they like and trust. I chose this career because I care, and time matters to me. I want to spend my days working with people who cherish their love story and value the simplicity that I bring to the table in documenting their day.

I am a natural light, on-location photographer that thoroughly loves the mystery and unpredictability natural light offers.

Check out my website and contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment time!

Thank You,
Abby Edwards